At TAYLORS MISTAKE I met Stefan, a happy surfer from Bavaria in Germany. We spent two weeks in and around Christchurch and then road-tripped north to Picton together. There are plenty of stories but it’s sunny outside so I’ll make it easy for myself; we had a blast. Here’s a bunch of photos!

Stefan Ledermuller IMG_1883

Erik Ohlson and Stefan Ledermuller Stefan making pancakes

Above: Stefan, the pancake master!

Nissan Serena Van NZ Erik Ohlson Fishing


On our way north from Christchurch we did a random stop at Ward Beach where I for the first time found my very own mountain to fly. I hiked half way up and took off – a fantastic rush! Here’s a short video of the launch.

Erik Ohlson Erik Ohlson

Erik Ohlson and Stefan Ledermuller Ward Beach

Flying Ward Beach Erik Ohlson Paragliding


Me and Stefan went separate ways almost two weeks ago and since then I’ve been based out of Nelson. It’s the peak of summer and weather conditions for paragliding have been absolutely ideal – therefor the lack of updates. The New Zealand Paragliding Nationals just finished a few days ago and I’ve been learning from pilots and instructors with years and years of experience. I’ve flown five or six new (BIG!) sights and I’ve had many hours in the air. More about all of this in my next recap! Don’t miss previous post, fresh photos in the GALLERY and as always: THE ESCAPE on Facebook!

Erik Ohlson Erik Ohlson Ruby Bay

Above: Soaring in sunset at Ruby Bay outside Nelson.



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