Lake Wanaka, Otago

THE (FLYING) ESCAPE in Oamaru, New Zealand. It’s been almost three weeks since I updated from Wanaka and the Southern Alps. In my last post I tried explaining the thrill of flight, don’t miss: HIGH. In total I spent almost a month in and around Wanaka and Queenstown doing very little not related to flying. I based myself at a newly opened hostel with a paragliding enthusiastic owner where I made beds in exchange for a bunk and a place to hang out on the non-flyable days. I flew a handful new sites but most of the time was spent working the thermals at Treble Cone; a big, grand and gorgeous mountain half an hour outside Wanaka. I guess there’s plenty of specific stories to tell but I’m going to keep it fairly simple; most days consisted of an hour or two in the air, a refreshing swim in the lake and cold beers with sunset. Here’s heaps of photos!

Wanaka, New Zealand

Above: View over Lake Wanaka from the lower slopes of Mt. Roy.

Windsock Treble Cone Erik Ohlson

Right: Pre-flight dance moves…

Erik Ohlson Paragliding Treble Cone Mt Aspiring New Zealand

Above: All in all I spent more than 20 hours airborne at Treble Cone. On my longest flight I stayed up more than three hours! Oh, the buzz!

Lake Hawea, Otago Flying Van

Erik Ohlson and Loic Brugeron Lake Wanaka, Otago

Above: In Wanaka I reunited with my flying buddy Loic who I first met in Nelson (TASMAN AIR).

Erik Ohlson Paragliding Wanaka The Flying Van

Above: The good ol feet photo.

Queenstown, Otago Lake Hawea Ground Handling

Above: Ground-handling at Lake Hawea. Below: A great morning view from the mobile home, less fun when the angry farmer gave me a loud lesson in private property and I had to give him an even louder lesson on how nature belongs to everyone. You’re land? In Sweden…

View over Lake Wanaka from van

Erik Ohlson Paragliding

Above: The joy of riding in the back of a pickup truck on the way to launch.

Van in New Zealand

Above: I mentioned I did some work in exchange for a place to stay. Well, I learned that jobs are overrated. I was very happy moving back into my flying home. The last week of four in Wanaka was spent in my comfy van.

Ten days ago I set off southbound solo-venturing Southland and Catlins National Park with van and wing. It’s been great and I’ll tell you more about it in my next update. As rather often, I’ve got plenty to share. There’s more photos in the GALLERY! Enjoy THE ESCAPE? A comment below or a thumb on Facebook is always appreciated! Over and out.


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