Current adventure

After more than a year of cycling, hiking and diving in Asia it’s time for a change of environment – Oceania! Since November 2012 my bicycle has been parked in Singapore, now I’m bringing it to Australia and New Zealand. Starting in Cairns I plan to cycle along the east coast to Tasmania. After five months in Australia I fly from Melbourne to New Zealand where I intend to cycle, kayak and hike the south island during three months. A tourist visa only gives me 90 days at a time in Australia which forces me on a trip to the South Pacific. The Kingdom of Tonga is my visa-run destination in mid-October.

Erik Ohlson Cycling

Photo above: Cycling in Kyrgyzstan 2012.


Map below: Playground on THE ESCAPE 2013/2014. The highlighted area in the middle of the Pacific is Tonga, where I'm spending a few weeks in October.

Travel in Oceania