After a scenic loop through the DEEP SOUTH I’m now back in the town it began – Christchurch! I’ve moved out of rolling shack and into stationary mansion – I’m back at THE HOUSE in Lyttelton! A golden summer is coming to an end and at the moment I’m in administrative travel mode. I have an unusually long list of things to sort out, most importantly I need to sell my lovely flying home (I wish it could actually fly…). In a few weeks I leave the southern hemisphere for a last journey; a going-home-adventure. A lot of office work is connected with it, I’ll tell you all about the plan within short.

The Eastern

Above: I have weekends off and last one was good, for the second time in Christchurch I saw The Eastern! They’re a super cool country band from Lyttelton – music video above is feel good!

10 College Road, Lyttelton Wood

Above: THE HOUSE in Lyttelton – like coming home!

Lyttelton Tunnel Erik Ohlson

Above: The tunnel connecting Lyttelton with Christchurch and outside world! Right: Lyttelton seen from hills behind. Below: A great morning flight off Mt. Bradley.

Paragliding Banks Peninsula

Above and below: Me and Dan Wilson learned to paraglide together four months ago, last weekend we hiked and flew off Mt. Bradley on the Banks Peninsula. We walked up in darkness, sheltered in a hut not too far from the peak and took off in smooth morning air from a difficult launch spot.

Dan Wilson Paragliding Mt. Bradley

Dan Wilson Dan Wilson

Below: It’s challenging to sell a van this time of the year when most travelers tend to leave New Zealand. If anyone by any chance is going to New Zealand (or know’s anyone who is) for this winter or next summer season – give me a shout, you need a sweet van! Reliable van for SALE!

Van New Zealand


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