Hammock on Uoleva, Tonga

I’ve spent the past weeks on the islands of Tongatapu, Eua, Lifuka and Uoleva in the Kingdom of Tonga. A classic and typical postcard holiday in the South Pacific; an abundance of coconut palms, super empty beaches and perfectly blue ocean. Far away from the world I combined long hammock sessions with the odd swim or waterfront stroll. I consumed plenty of literature, chilled beers and tropical bananas. I did a handful dives, ventured with ocean kayak and snorkeled with a family of humpbacks. I gazed at remarkable sunsets and our magnificent cosmos. I did all these things but at the same time it feels like I didn’t do anything at all.

Eua, Tonga

So I hear winter is approaching in the Kingdom of Sweden?

Sunset on Eua, Tonga


A vacation to Tonga is not only defined but what you do but also by what you’re not doing. On the 176 islands scattered in the South Pacific there is thankfully a serious lack of online communication, traffic, intelligent phones and fast food chains. Tonga is a different world, a nation with it’s own pace, without stress, a Kingdom of Chill. Here’s a generous bunch of photos that if viewed from the northern hemisphere will tickle travel nerves.

Waves on Eua, Tonga

Ha´apai, Tonga

Did you ever dream of a deserted island adventure? Tonga is your destination.

Tongan Feast

Photo above: A traditional Sunday feast.

Lifuka, Tonga Kid on Tonga Tonga Domestic Flight Eua, Tonga

Eua, Tonga Sunset on Tonga Lifuka, Tonga Flight to Ha´apai, Tonga

Maka Beer Tonga Eua, Tonga Sunset on Tonga, South Pacific Beach Tonga


I left Australia and took a break in the journey on two wheels with the intention of curing road fatigue and boosting my energy for adventure. On Tonga I had a significant amount of time to reflect on my travel situation and I’ve come to the conclusion that I want a change. I’m longing for a more stationary existence. The original plan was to spend another three months in Australia, cycling New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania. As much as I like the idea of it, it’s not going to happen. As mentioned in previous post I haven’t been enjoying cycling as much as I usually do and there is obviously no point in prolonging a situation in which I struggle to keep myself motivated.

Erik Ohlson in Sea Kayak on Eua, Tonga

Photo above: Kayaking off the island of Eua in South Tonga.

I’ll stay in Australia another month, spending most of the time in Sydney and Melbourne visiting Simon and Tara, friends I met in Africa in 2008. From Brisbane I’m hitch-cycling south and in the end of November I leave Melbourne for Christchurch on New Zealand. For several reasons that I will not yet give away I intend to spend four or five months on New Zealand’s beautiful South Island. In a not so distant future I’ll share further details on my change of activity and travel agenda.

Oh yeah, I mentioned I snorkeled with a family of humpback whales. A surreal and utterly unique experience which obviously deserves it’s own separate post. Tomorrow or perhaps the day after that, my friends – I’m still chilling like on Tonga. Like THE ESCAPE on Facebook to be sure to keep yourself posted on the more and more irregular updates from Oceania.

Eua, Tonga Eua, Tonga Sunset Eua, Tonga



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