This post was originally published in 2008, prior to my current adventure


Asia, Indonesia

Livet som nomad fortsatter.

Jag befinner mig i Jakarta, Indonesien men kunde lika garna varit kvar i Bangkok. Konversation med granspolis vid ankomst igar;

- Passport and returnticket please.

- Officer, here is my passport but returnticket I was planning to buy in Indonesia.

Lang tystnad.

- Ok, no problem. Just take the next flight back to Bangkok. You are not welcome in Indonesia.

- Officer, I'm sorry. Is there any other way we could solve this?

Han nickar. Jag fragar;
-  How much would that be?

- How badly do you want to travel in Indonesia?

- 100 dollar badly?

- Deal.

Ett smidigt knarksmugglings-handslag och Pang! Passet stamplat.

- Welcome to the wonderful and corrupt Indonesia! Enjoy your stay. 



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