A few weekends ago I could not stand still on the dance floor. At Wunderbar in Lyttelton local band Ahoribuzz performed an unforgettable show. I’d never heard them before and obviously had no expectations. I was completely blown away! You guys have to listen to this! Good stuff. Video below!

Ahoribuzz Lyttelton Forrest Bilek

Left: Singer Aoron Tokona (learn more about kiwi band Ahoribuzz on their page on Facebook). Right: Forrest, another friend through WarmShowers.org clearly enjoying the tunes.


It’s day three of rain and shit weather in Christchurch. No flying. I’m stationed at the kitchen table in my borrowed house and keep staring at the sky, can’t wait to get up there again! THE ESCAPE also exists on Facebook – make sure to follow! Also – do not miss previous post: THE HOUSE!


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