Flying, not writing is on my mind at the moment. Almost three weeks have passed since I wrote a few sentences in SOLO SOARING. I have plenty of news, a bunch of stories and heaps of photos to share. I’ve bought myself a hippy van, I’m merely one flight from certification as a paragliding pilot and I currently live in my own house in idyllic Lyttelton outside Christchurch. Life is seriously good and I can’t stop smiling. In the near future I intend to be more circumstantial on recent and current events. Right now I just want to wish you guys a very MERRY X-MAS and HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Have a good one, ey!


Above: View from the house I’m staying at in Lyttelton.

Erik Ohlson Lyttelton

Below: A flight at Taylor’s Mistake yesterday afternoon.

Erik Ohlson Paragliding

Lyttelton Sunset

Above: A long and warm sunset on Christmas Eve in Lyttelton, New Zealand.


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