The ongoing and rapid destruction of our forests and oceans is sadly very obvious when venturing this planet. We’re destroying the only thing we really have, we’re wrecking for ourselves. On this part of the web you’ll find a lot of picturesque content but the truth is that many times you wish you could travel back in time, very few places are like they once were. THE ESCAPE supports an amphibian project on Papua New Guinea that doesn’t get close to the same attention as major environmental organizations. The projects aim and goal is to map out the biological diversity of amphibians in the rainforest outside Madang, PNG. The frogs are very important for the echo system and few studies have been done in these very remote areas of PNG before.

As a visitor and follower of THE ESCAPE you can help by contributing a few bucks. Every cent goes straight to the project and your contribution will have a big impact! So far more than 3.000 USD has been raised. Help out with at least 15 USD and I will send you a handwritten postcard from where I am! Please make a contribution to: Skandiabanken 9159-403260-4. If you wish a postcard, write your name and address below. Questions? Use the form! Thanks in advance!


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